At CENTURY 21 Hudson Valley Realty, every agent is thoroughly trained and dedicated to providing high quality service to purchasers and sellers. Our agents live within our market area and are ready to devote their attention to your particular real estate needs.

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CENTURY 21 Hudson Valley Realty

Mailing Address:
23 New Paltz Road Suite-B
Highland, NY 12528

Phone: (845) 834-3777
Fax: (845) 473-0619
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Phat (Fluent In Vietnamese & English) Nguyen
 Email Phat (Fluent In Vietnamese & English)Nguyen Contact Me   
Phat (Fluent In Vietnamese & English) Nguyen
Phone: (845) 443-5637
Ron Eutsey
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Ron Eutsey
Phone: (845) 518-8399
Chris Parks Jr
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Chris Parks Jr
Phone: (845) 926-2825
April McDougal
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April McDougal
Phone: (845) 702-3049
Karen Ashe
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Karen Ashe
Phone: (914) 466-0216
Eileen (Accredited Staging Professional) Wilk
 Email Eileen (Accredited Staging Professional)Wilk Contact Me   
Eileen (Accredited Staging Professional) Wilk
Phone: (845) 518-8448
Kason Fearon
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Kason Fearon
Phone: (845) 616-7455
Ethel Best
 Email EthelBest Contact Me   
Ethel Best
Phone: (845) 264-5682
Margaret Gaines
 Email MargaretGaines Contact Me   
Margaret Gaines
Phone: (917) 628-3798
Jacqueline Brown-Haffenden
 Email JacquelineBrown-Haffenden Contact Me   
Jacqueline Brown-Haffenden
Phone: (845) 705-5025
Ava Riley
 Email AvaRiley Contact Me   
Ava Riley
Phone: (845) 235-3090
Kathleen McCaffery
 Email KathleenMcCaffery Contact Me   
Kathleen McCaffery
Phone: (914) 574-1616
Jessica (Notary-Fluent In Spanish & English) Ramirez
 Email Jessica (Notary-Fluent In Spanish & English)Ramirez Contact Me   
Jessica (Notary-Fluent In Spanish & English) Ramirez
Phone: (845) 232-6050
Yolanda (Fluent in Spanish & English) Mendoza
 Email Yolanda (Fluent in Spanish & English)Mendoza Contact Me   
Yolanda (Fluent in Spanish & English) Mendoza
Phone: (845) 293-7941
Dilcia (Fluent In Spanish & English) Sanchez
 Email Dilcia (Fluent In Spanish & English)Sanchez Contact Me   
Dilcia (Fluent In Spanish & English) Sanchez
Phone: (917) 299-0160
Donna Day-Skaretka
 Email DonnaDay-Skaretka Contact Me   
Donna Day-Skaretka
Phone: (845) 559-7396
Susan Egan
 Email SusanEgan Contact Me   
Susan Egan
Phone: (845) 242-6416
Robert Cappellini
 Email RobertCappellini Contact Me   
Robert Cappellini
Phone: (845) 518-3800
Thomas Elem
 Email ThomasElem Contact Me   
Thomas Elem
Phone: (845) 380-2835
Talia (Fluent in Spanish & English) Vasquez
 Email Talia (Fluent in Spanish & English)Vasquez Contact Me   
Talia (Fluent in Spanish & English) Vasquez
Phone: (845) 309-6110
Andrea Barlow
 Email AndreaBarlow Contact Me   
Andrea Barlow
Phone: (845) 214-2395
Hamar Clarke
 Email HamarClarke Contact Me   
Hamar Clarke
Phone: (845) 418-6602
Laura Burchfield
 Email LauraBurchfield Contact Me   
Laura Burchfield
Phone: (802) 233-4010
Joyce E. Stanton
 Email Joyce E.Stanton Contact Me   
Joyce E. Stanton
Phone: (845) 489-8784
Jacqueline Harper
 Email JacquelineHarper Contact Me   
Jacqueline Harper
Phone: (845) 235-3933
Eileen Winkley
 Email EileenWinkley Contact Me   
Eileen Winkley
Phone: (203) 482-3901
Ivona (Fluent in Polish, Russian & English) Losik-Bober
 Email Ivona (Fluent in Polish, Russian & English)Losik-Bober Contact Me   
Ivona (Fluent in Polish, Russian & English) Losik-Bober
Phone: (917) 561-4487
Danielle Humphrey
 Email DanielleHumphrey Contact Me   
Danielle Humphrey
Phone: (845) 505-3668
Domonique Thompson
 Email DomoniqueThompson Contact Me   
Domonique Thompson
Phone: (718) 231-5335
Daisy (Fluent In Spanish & English) Morocho
 Email Daisy (Fluent In Spanish & English)Morocho Contact Me  Text Daisy (Fluent In Spanish & English)Morocho
Daisy (Fluent In Spanish & English) Morocho
Phone: (845) 454-6334
Mobile Phone: (845) 243-4870
Yazan (fluent in Arabic, Sign Language & English) Alejilat
 Email Yazan (fluent in Arabic, Sign Language & English)Alejilat Contact Me   
Yazan (fluent in Arabic, Sign Language & English) Alejilat
Phone: (845) 702-6453
Marko Skrelja
 Email MarkoSkrelja Contact Me   
Marko Skrelja
Phone: (914) 954-2600
Tenniel Wellington
 Email TennielWellington Contact Me   
Tenniel Wellington
Phone: (845) 243-7743
Mikchail (Fluent in Russian & English) Zverev
 Email Mikchail (Fluent in Russian & English)Zverev Contact Me   
Mikchail (Fluent in Russian & English) Zverev
Phone: (845) 546-2954